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SYMBICON 2024: A Glimpse into the Future of AI and Emerging Technologies

The 3rd International Conference by the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Nagpur, SYMBICON 2024, held on April 19th and 20th, 2024, was an exceptional online event that brought together thought leaders, researchers, and professionals from around the globe to discuss the profound impact of AI and emerging technologies on business. The conference, chaired by Prof. (Dr.) Shailesh Rastogi, Director of SIBM Nagpur, provided a dynamic platform for sharing insights, fostering innovation, and exploring the future trajectory of technological advancements in business.

Conference Theme: AI and Emerging Technologies

The central theme of SYMBICON 2024 revolved around the “Impact of AI & Emerging Technologies on Business,” reflecting the urgency and relevance of this topic in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. With AI becoming a critical component in various business operations and strategies, the conference aimed to dissect its implications, benefits, challenges, and future potential.

Leadership and Organization

The seamless organization and execution of SYMBICON 2024 can be attributed to the diligent efforts of the conference committee. Dr. Debarun Chakraborty, the Conference Convener and Associate Professor & Research Head at SIBM Nagpur, played a pivotal role in steering the event. He was ably supported by Co-Conveners Dr. Arif Abad, Dr. Jagjeevan Kanoujiya, and Dr. Pushparenu Bhattacharjee, all Assistant Professors at SIBM Nagpur. The team of Conference Secretaries, comprising Dr. Ganesh Rede, Dr. Rahul Singh Gautam, and Dr. Satish Kumar M, ensured the smooth conduct of the conference sessions.

The Organizing Committee Members, including Dr. Pallawi Sangode, Dr. Sonal Purohit, Dr. Rimjhim Jha, Dr. Smruti Patre, Dr. Soma Sharma, Dr. Rajesh Vaidya, Dr. Vinod Surange, Dr. Varun Sarda, and Dr. S. Palaniappan, all from SIBM Nagpur, worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make the event a resounding success.

Key Highlights and Awards

One of the major highlights of SYMBICON 2024 was the presentation of the Best Paper Awards, recognizing the outstanding contributions of researchers in the field of AI and business technologies.

Conference Best Paper Award:

1st Prize: S. Nithya Priya

2nd Prize: Dr. Prerna Baber

3rd Prize: Dr. Irum Khan

Additionally, the conference featured specific tracks for General Management, each showcasing ground breaking research and innovative approaches.

Track 1: General Management 1

1st Prize: Prachi Mukund Phadke

2nd Prize: Bibhuti Bhusan Tripathy

3rd Prize: Manoj Mahto

Track 2: General Management 2

1st Prize: Pratima Gund

2nd Prize: Dr. Shefali Chouksey

3rd Prize: Baishali Agarwal

Track 3: General Management 3

1st Prize: Dr. Swati Desai

2nd Prize: Ms. Phiza Moulavi

3rd Prize: Dr. Gayathri Band

These awards highlighted the diverse and rich spectrum of research being undertaken in the realm of AI and its applications in business, underscoring the conference’s commitment to fostering academic excellence and innovation.

SYMBICON 2024 was more than just a conference; it was a confluence of ideas, a platform for innovation, and a glimpse into the future of AI and emerging technologies in business. The event successfully facilitated meaningful discussions, networking, and collaborations that are sure to drive future research and development in this critical field.

The efforts of the organizing team, led by Prof. (Dr.) Shailesh Rastogi and his dedicated colleagues, ensured that the conference was a resounding success. As businesses worldwide continue to navigate the complexities of digital transformation, SYMBICON 2024 has undoubtedly contributed valuable insights and directions for leveraging AI and emerging technologies to drive sustainable growth and innovation.

We look forward to the next edition of SYMBICON, where once again, the brightest minds will come together to shape the future of business in the age of technology.

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