Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Nagpur is a Constituent of Symbiosis International (Deemed University), (SIU). An off-campus institute of SIU, SIBM Nagpur has been established with the aim of imparting world-class education to students and transforming them into top notch business leaders.

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Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Nagpur is a Constituent of Symbiosis International (Deemed University), (SIU). An off-campus institute of SIU, SIBM Nagpur has been established with the aim of imparting world-class education to students and transforming them into top notch business leaders…


SIBM Nagpur, part of Symbiosis International (Deemed university), focuses on shaping adept business leaders. Its MBA program meticulously crafted to meet industry needs, ensures students are industry—ready. The curriculum emphasizes contemporary courses aligned with corporate demands, backed by robust industry—academia— connections for placements. Offering a specialized full—time. MBA in Food and Agri-business Management. the institute cultivates expertise in agriculture management for global industry contribution. Boasting highly qualified. diverse faculty and cutting—edge infrastructure, SIBM—Nagpur fosters collaboration and research culture. It aims to provide intellectual leadership. practical solutions, interdisciplinary research, and cross—disciplinary education. Despite being an emerging entity, SIBM Nagpur aspires to become a premier provider of value-centric education, prioritizing student success.

Director’s Blog

Prof. (Dr.) Shailesh Rastogi


A critical investigation analysing the key determinants of artificial intelligence in enhancing employee engagement in multinational companies

Authors: Prasad K.D.V., Vaidya R., Rani R., 
Journal: Humanities and Social Sciences Letters
Publication date: 2023
Publisher: Conscientia Beam
URL: Access Paper


Metaverse mingle: Discovering dating intentions in metaverse

Authors: D.Chakraborty, Patre. S, Devisha.T.
Journal: Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
Publication date: 01 Nov 2023
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd
URL: Access Paper


The present work represents a mixed-method investigation to redefine Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) using some innovative variables to investigate dating-partner behaviour in the metaverse. In addition, it seeks proof that realistic threat and perceived trust have a moderating role in this proposed model. The research is split into two parts: in the first stage, dating app users’ responses have been collected from online reviews posted on social media sites. Python have been used to find out the constructs from the content analysis. Then using the constructs second phase have been started where the model has been validated by confirmatory analysis. Perceived trust moderates the association between perceived attitude and dating intention in Metaverse whereas realistic threat don’t have. Our research showed that apart from perceived accuracy of information all the other factors are having significant association towards perceived attitude. Our findings highlight the importance of both channels in persuading consumers to try out metaverse dating. In order to earn the users’ trust, they must resolve their concerns over privacy and security in the online world. To achieve this, strict user verification and security procedures should be implemented. © 2023 Elsevier Ltd.

Open APIs in banking and inclusive growth: an innovation to support the poverty eradication programs in India

Authors: Rastogi, S. ,Goel, A. ,Doifode, A.
Journal: Journal of Banking Regulation,
Publication date: 01 December 2023
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
URL: Access Paper


Financial inclusion has done its best across the world to bring unbanked people to the mainstream of financial and banking services. However, the metamorphosis is slow and needs some shots in the arm. This paper attempts to explore ways to expedite the process of economic development of the poor through financial inclusion. A newer technology, Open API for banking (OAB), can support financial inclusion for economic development and the growth of the poor. There are two main reasons for the success of OAB. Many mobile-based applications use OAB. Therefore, OAB can easily piggyback on the success of mobile penetration. The meager cost and simple technology of OAB is another reason for its success, primarily when OAB is aimed at unbanked people of the world. Structured Equation Modelling is applied to successfully and empirically test the mediation role of OAB between financial inclusion and economic development of the poor. OAB is found to have complete mediation. This work is the only study that links OAB with financial inclusion and the economic development of the poor. OAB stands out among all the other digitalisation tools of financial services due to its exclusive features. OAB has considerable implications to expedite the execution of financial inclusion for the economic development of the poor. But, to extend its full impact on the economic development of the poor, OAB should be clubbed with financial inclusion as a policy. Otherwise, a good opportunity will remain confined mostly as an effective solution for digitalising payment services. The digital divide is supposed to be bridged by OAB. However, this paper has not addressed this issue empirically. Besides this, the synergetic effect of FI and OAB, which is strongly recommended in the study, needs empirical testing. Both the limitation of the study is the future scope of the topic. No other study was observed on the topic, where OAB is suggested to bridge the gap between financial inclusion and economic development of the poor. The study has immense potential to change the course of action of the policy on Financial Inclusion. Using the findings of the study, the policymakers can embark upon using the new innovative technology in a more concerted way for the social upheaval of the poor in India. © 2022, The Author(s), under exclusive licence to Springer Nature Limited.

Workplace Gratitude: Literature Review and Future Directions

Authors: Bala Subramanian, Munish Kumar Thakur, Smruti Patre
Journal: FIIB Business Review
Publication date: 20 April 2023
Publisher: Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd
URL: Access Paper


With the increasing significance of gratitude studies at the workplace, the present study aims to lay a roadmap for researchers and practitioners interested in workplace gratitude. It provides an updated overview of gratitude at the workplace (2001–2021) and identifies the critical issues in the available literature. By reviewing the antecedents and consequences of workplace gratitude, the study attempts to answer three questions: to critically evaluate the issues in gratitude measurement, to whom the employees feel grateful in the workplace (target of gratitude), how the employees reciprocate the feeling of gratitude, and which theory best explains the workplace gratitude. The study concludes by offering primary direction for future research in workplace gratitude and recommendation for gratitude measurements.

Big Data in Food: Systematic Literature Review and Future Directions

Authors: Debarun Chakraborty, Nripendra P. Rana, Sangeeta Khorana, Hari Babu Singu, Sunil Luthra. 


Publication date:03 Sept 2023


URLAccess Paper


The growing importance of Big Data in the food industry enables businesses to leverage information to gain a competitive advantage. This paper provides a systematic literature review (SLR) to provide an insight into the use of state-of-art of Big Data applications in the food industry. The SLR relies on available literature that provides the context, theoretical construct and identifies gaps. Based on the findings, we suggest recommendations, identify limitations and suggest policy implications and future directions. Using search databases were examined and 38 relevant studies were identified for retrospective analysis. The review shows that Big Data supports the food industry in ways that enable using Artificial Intelligence to manage restaurants and mobile based applications in supporting consumers with restaurant selection. This SLR open new avenues for future research in the importance of Big Data in the food industry, which will surely help researchers/practitioners in effective utilization of Big DataBig Data.


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B'zaar Boulevard 2.0

B’zaar Boulevard 2.0 was a vibrant student-led event where participants set up stalls to showcase and sell their innovative products, fostering entrepreneurship and creativity within our college community.

Art of Sales by Mr. Vinay Nayak

The event aimed to elucidate the “Art of Sales” by Vinay Nayak, Business Development Director at Rackspace Tech, emphasizing its significance in business and offering practical strategies. It also fostered an interactive environment for valuable insights from an industry expert.

Industrial Visit at Mahindra and Mahindra

An Insightful Site Visit to Mahindra and Mahindra, where attendees gained valuable knowledge in supply chain, production, and operations management, alongside cost optimization and risk management strategies.

Driving Sustainability Through Green Product

The event aims to raise awareness about environmental impacts and promote sustainable choices while also highlighting local, sustainable businesses, fostering eco-consciousness in a formal setting.

Annual Management Day

Annual Management Day serves as a crucial occasion for organizations to reflect on the significance of effective management practices in achieving strategic objectives. It offers a platform to celebrate achievements, acknowledge challenges, and foster a culture of innovation and leadership within the workforce. This aims to provide an overview of the activities conducted and insights gained during this year’s Annual Management Day celebration.


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